15KG Soft Close Lift / Pull Down Wardrobe Clothes Hanging Rail 750mm-1150mm

SKU: 8699986123975

  • Wardrobe Lift
  • Horizontal size adjustable according to cabinet width
  • Mechanism has soft closer
  • Manufactured for clothes hanger for wardrobes
  • Stylish equipment for your cabinet with esthetic design
  • Its provides convenient reach to clothes in high wardrobes
  • Its really useful for the high sections in the wardrobes
  • Suitable for use with hinge system or sliding system wardrobes
  • Heavy duty durable pull back up to 15 Kg weight
  • Mechanism body is produced of high-strength plastic material
  • With the soft closer it provides a comfortable use in the closing direction and Our wardrobe lift has a stylish and convenient handle
  • It provides safe access to your clothes without the need for stairs or additional elevation
  • 90 degree and 110 degree angle of function
  • Front stop feature prevent it from falling when the go down
  • As standard , hanger tube between 60 cm - 115 cm 
  • On request, the system has the possibility to extend the range of use with a 22 mm hanger tube up to 160 cm.
  • Product design can be assembled in the middle of the cupboard and on the hinge axle
  • Has strong side post profile
  • The packaging of the product is prepared specially for shipment alone. Setbox has durable packaging

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