What to Know when Choosing Door Handle Colours

Your doorknob isn’t just a functional addition to your home; it can add style, class, and personality to it as well. But what’s important is choosing the correct option for each door. You can think of this hardware as accessories that complement an outfit, which in this case is your door.

There are tons of designs, shapes, styles, and finishes available in the market, which is why choosing the correct one for your door might seem overwhelming.

But, fret not! Here’s a guide to help you choose the right colour for your door handles:

Baby Blue with Silver

If your front door is pale or light in colour, then lighter collared door handles will be a great idea. This will add a sense of sophistication that’s perfect for minimalistic homes.

Stainless steel works well with whitewashed and light yellow doors. You can choose from silvery steel to a matt finish depending on the interior style of your home.

Red with Black

Red doors are one of the most common picks in the UK, you’ll see several houses with gold or brass hardware with red, but black is a new, modern option that works even better.

You can’t go wrong with a classic red and black combination; it adds personality to your home and works as a great style statement. A red and black door works best with houses that have a traditional design with a modern touch.

A red front door with black hardware in the United Kingdom

Navy Blue with Gold or Brass

Navy blue is a rich, dark colour; this is why gold hardware will be an excellent option. This works well with modern décor and adds an extra shine with their polished-finish. If you have a colonial or traditional interior, we recommend an option for antique brass. This isn’t as glaring as the gold and adds to the overall vintage vibes.

Wooden Doors with All Colours

If you have a plain wooden door, you can choose any colour you like. Whether you want a matte black for a little sophistication, gold for grandeur, or stay basic with stainless steel—the possibilities are endless.

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