What To Look For When Purchasing Durable Cabinet Hardware

It’s easy to get occupied by the big items—like countertops and cabinets—when looking to spruce up your kitchen space. But your custom kitchen space can look empty if not paired with the right hardware.

It’s the simple elements like brass drawer knobs and modern cabinet handles that set your home apart. So, now that we have matching hardware on our priority list, let's look at some quick pointers that will make shopping easier!

Type Of Hardware

The two most common options you will come across when shopping for hardware are knobs or pull handles. They’re both great options; thus the popularity. However, it’s important to gauge which one feels like the best option for you.

Carry both in your hands and compare how they feel. You can position them around where you would install them in your home to understand which is more comfortable to use. While the design is important, you want to make sure that it doesn’t feel awkward to hold either.

Positioning of Hardware

Kitchen cabinet with hardware handles

Choosing the perfect hardware for your home is not only about the way it fits in your hand, but also its visual appeal. No, we’re not talking about colour yet, but the position and size of your hardware.

It’s important for both functionality and aesthetic that you choose the perfect size for your hardware. For example, if you have a large cabinet, you might want to get a longer handle or perhaps two knobs to make pulling the weight of the door easier.

Additionally, owing to your home situation, you might want to place knobs and handles further up to keep them away from the reach of pets and toddlers!

Colour Of Hardware

Now to the more fun stuff! Colour choices can make or break your hardware décor aesthetic. You could have the most elegant cabinet knobs with intricate designs, but if the colour clashes, the hardware will stick out like a sore thumb!

To make a successful colour selection, you must choose colours that contrast well. That way, you can use your hardware as statement pieces, or to add more depth to your décor. Plus, choosing more metallic colours will make your hardware look more expensive, and it would fit with both matte and glossy paints!

Now that we have your creative juices flowing for your home remodelling, you can purchase all of your cabinet hardware essentials from Décor & Decor! We provide premium kitchen knobs and handles online, which will last you for years on end! Contact us today or visit our website to view our full collection.