Black Internal Door Handle Pack Latch Sash Bathroom Lock Set

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Black Internal Door Handle

A truly remarkable addition to your stylish mahogany or hickory door, this black internal door handle will complete that sleek minimalist yet expensive look you want achieved. The matte black colour of this minimalistic door handle is ideal if you have a door that is simple yet will exuberate an oozing aura of opulence from any angle.

The super rigid steel material used will make you feel its unmatched durability the moment you place your hands on them. No fingerprints will be left all over the door handle given its matte black texture. And when you open and close your door, you will instantly feel how it's masterfully crafted from the way it secures the door close to the flawless movement of the handle as you turn it open.

  Product Selection:

  • Pair of Handle Only includes Pair of Handles + Fixings

  • Latch Kit includes Pair of Handles + 2.5" Latch + Fixings 

  • Sash Lock Kit includes Pair of Handles + 2.5" Sash Lock 3 Lever with 2 keys + Pair of Keyhole Escutcheon + Fixings

  • Bathroom Kit includes Pair of Handles + 2.5" Bathroom Lock  + Turn and release + Fixings 

  • Pair of 4" Door Hinge includes Pair of 4" Fire Rated Door Hinges + Fixings 

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