Square Rose Black Internal Door Lever Handle Pack Latch Sash Bathroom Lock Kit

SKU: 753569505904


High Quality Square Rose Matt Black Door Handles Lever Pack Internal Lever Latch Sash Bathroom Lock Kits

Product Selection;
- Pair of Handle Only includes Pair of Handles + Fixings

- Latch Kit includes Pair of Handles + 2.5" Latch + Fixings 

- Sash Lock Kit includes Pair of Handles + 2.5" Sash Lock 3 Lever with 2 keys + Pair of Keyhole Escutcheon + Fixings

- Bathroom Kit includes 
Pair of Handles + 2.5" Bathroom Lock  + Turn and release + Fixings 

- Pair of 4" Door Hinge includes Pair of 4" Fire Rated Door Hinges + Fixings 

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