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Article: 13 Different Styles of Door Knobs and Door Handles

13 Different Styles of Door Knobs and Door Handles

Discussed below are some of the most common and latest styles of doorknobs and door handles you might want to know about.

  1. Ceramic Doorknobs

Artistic doorknobs can be utilised to a door, for example, on a metal door, glass door and wooden door. An earthenware wooden doorknob is high quality and accompanies flower printing plan, which is connected with a metal back help plate.

  1. Nickel Square Doorknobs

This square glass doorknob gives a rich gander at the doors of your home and looks beguiling on wooden and metal doors. It has a muddled structure with a straightforward round doorknob on the top and square metal plate on the back, which makes it imperial and beautiful.

  1. Wooden Doorknobs

On the off chance that we discuss wooden doorknobs, at that point surface assumes a significant job in it. Wooden knobs give a characteristic and illustrious look to the doors, and it is exceptionally simple to keep up the sparkle of wooden knobs. You simply need to apply some oil to evacuate the stains, or you can likewise utilise polish to give a sparkly and lustrous look.

  1. Dome-Shaped Doorknob

The dome-shaped doorknob is an ideal great little item which can include a tremendous effect on your door. This doorknob is basic and calm and made of bronze, metal and accompanies a plated finish on the backplate.

  1. Brass Swirl Doorknobs

A brass doorknob with a twirl gives a vintage look to the door, and it is especially reasonable on metal doors with a brilliant covering on the edges. This brass twirl doorknob is comprised of metal in a whirl plan with offers style to the knob and door too.

  1. Porcelain White Doorknobs

An extremely basic, calm, amazing and powerful porcelain white-hued doorknob is here. An ideal finishing on the edges with an excellent look on the door this is the claim to fame of this porcelain doorknob and an ideal decision for your wooden door.

  1. Glass Door Handles

Glassdoor handles are the calm, straightforward and brimming with polish since they have a rich and gleaming look. Glass door handles are typically comprised of tempered steel which is anything but difficult to clean and keep up. Glassdoor handles are flawless decision your glass doors, and it comes in numerous plans.

  1. Lever Latch Door Handle

A lever latch door handle is essential door handle for your home. It is comprised of treated steel and an ideal for the lounge area, front room or restroom. It looks calm and offers style to the door.

  1. Ceramic Bridge Door Handle

A ceramic bridge door handle looks bewitching on the door and ideal for the individuals who need to give an illustrious look to their home. It is the ideal decision for your principle door since it shows the eminence of your decisions as far as door handles too.

  • Glass Bridge Door Handles

As per the knowledge of glass door handle discussed above, which is made of hardened steel; however, glass bridge door handles are totally not the same as those of glass door handles. A glass bridge door handle has two glass knobs on each side, and an extension of glass is in the middle of the knobs. This handle is most recent, and numerous individuals are utilising it since it looks most recent and gives a regal look.

  • Vintage Metal Door Handles

A vintage metal door handle is generally comprised of metal or bronze and comes in numerous shapes. The shape can be of a reptile or a snake or a fish. This vintage door handles really give a vintage seek your home and ideal for wooden doors.

  • A Lever on The Rose Door Handle

A little planner with a round plate on the back and it is a switch on the rose door handle. This door handle is a perfect decision for rooms door. It has a straight handle which is very and a round plate and made up of tempered steel.

  • Key Shaped Brass Door Handles

The key-shaped brass door handles utilised at the hour of rulers; however, now they are likewise another decision for some individuals. In order to give a conventional look to their home, numerous individuals are utilising these key-shaped brass door handles.

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