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Article: Door Handles vs Door Knobs: How To Choose

Door Handles vs Door Knobs: How To Choose

When it comes to home décor, even the simplest elements can significantly impact the overall look. One such distinction is between door knobs and handles. Though it may seem minor, this choice greatly affects the appearance and functionality of your home. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of door handles vs door knobs is essential whether you are remodelling your kitchen or updating your entire property.

What is a Door Knob?

A door knob is a rounded device attached to a door that allows you to open, close, and lock it by twisting or turning. Usually fixed through a hole in the door, door knobs are a classic choice seen in many older homes and buildings.

Pros of Installing Door Knobs

Choosing door knobs for your home offers several advantages. They are timeless in appearance, making them a perfect fit for classic or traditional home designs. Their straightforward operation and ease of installation make them a convenient option for DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their home décor without extensive effort.

Traditional and Classic Aesthetic

Door knobs are timeless and ideal for houses with a classic or traditional design. From Victorian to colonial, their straightforward and sophisticated appearance complements many styles.

Easy to Install and Replace

Installing a door knob is usually straightforward and requires only simple tools. For individuals wishing to improve their homes without professional help and for DIY enthusiasts, this makes them a convenient option.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Door knobs are known for their durability and low-maintenance requirements. They are robust and require minimal care, making them an ideal choice for busy households. Their sturdy construction ensures they are less prone to loosening over time compared to door handles, providing long-term reliability and functionality.

Cons of Installing Door Knobs

While door knobs have their benefits, they also come with drawbacks to consider. Their design can be less ergonomic, posing challenges for elderly individuals or those with limited hand strength. Additionally, door knobs may offer fewer design options compared to handles, limiting your choices if you're aiming for a more contemporary or personalized style.

Less Ergonomic and Accessible

One drawback of door knobs is that they can be difficult to handle, particularly for elderly people or those with reduced hand strength or dexterity, such as individuals with arthritis. This makes them less suitable for homes where accessibility is a concern.

Limited Design Options

Although door knobs have a traditional appeal, they provide fewer design alternatives compared to handles. The range of door knobs can be quite restrictive if you are seeking a more contemporary or unique style.

Potential Safety Concerns for Children

Door knobs can pose a safety risk for young children who may find them challenging to manipulate in an emergency. If they need to open a door quickly to leave a room, this can be particularly problematic.

What is a Door Handle?

More modern than a door knob, a door handle, sometimes referred to as a lever handle, consists of a lever that you press down or lift up to unlock the door. Door handles are widely used in contemporary homes and businesses.

Pros of Installing Door Handles

Door handles offer modern functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are easier to operate than traditional knobs, requiring less strength and dexterity. With a wide range of designs available, door handles allow you to choose styles that complement both classic and modern home interiors.

Improved Ergonomics and Accessibility

Door handles are often easier to use than knobs because they require less strength and dexterity. This makes them a great fit for homes with young children, elderly individuals, or anyone with mobility issues.

Variety of Styles and Designs

One of the main benefits of door handles is the wide variety of designs and styles available. Whether your style calls for elegant and modern or elaborate and traditional, you will find a handle that suits your taste and complements your home décor.

Enhanced Safety Features

Many door handles include built-in safety features, such as locks that are easier to engage or disengage. This can be especially beneficial for homes with children or in areas where security is a priority.

Cons of Installing Door Handles

Despite their benefits, installing door handles can present challenges. Their installation may be more complex, especially when retrofitting them onto existing doors. Additionally, door handles tend to be more expensive than knobs, both in terms of initial cost and potential maintenance expenses over time.

More Complex Installation

Particularly if you need to retrofit it to an existing door, installing a door handle might be more difficult than installing a knob. To ensure a correct and secure installation, you might need more tools or professional assistance.

Higher Cost

In terms of both initial cost and potential installation expenses, door handles often cost more than door knobs. If you are trying to upgrade several doors in your home or have a limited budget, this could be a consideration.

Potential for Loose or Broken Handles

If neglected, door handles can loosen or even break over time due to regular use and wear. This can lead to the inconvenience of frequent repairs or replacements, especially for busy homeowners managing other household tasks and responsibilities. It's important to maintain door handles regularly to ensure their longevity and functionality.

How To Choose Between Door Knobs and Handles

When deciding between door knobs and handles, several factors should guide your decision. Consider who will be using the doors - whether elderly family members, young children, or individuals with mobility issues. Evaluate your home's overall design aesthetic and weigh the installation requirements based on your familiarity with DIY projects.

Consider Accessibility Needs

Think about who in your household will be using the doors. Door handles are the preferable option if you have elderly family members, young children, or anyone with mobility issues, as they are easier to operate.

Evaluate Design Preferences

When choosing between door knobs and handles, consider the overall look of your home. For a classic design, door knobs are best; handles provide greater adaptability and can enhance a modern style. Kitchen black door handles give a sleek, modern touch that complements current appliances and fittings.

Factor in Installation Requirements

Review the installation requirements and your familiarity with DIY projects. Door knobs might be your best choice if you want a simple and quick upgrade. Door handles, however, offer more design and functional versatility if you are willing to invest more time and money.

Can You Mix Door Knobs and Handles?

Mixing door knobs and handles can add a unique visual appeal to your home's interior and exterior doors. By combining these elements strategically, you can achieve a balanced look that enhances both style and functionality. Consider coordinating materials and finishes to maintain a cohesive theme throughout your living spaces.

Mixing for Visual Interest

Combining door knobs and handles can add visual interest to your home. For your interior doors, you can use door knobs to maintain a classic appearance; for your exterior doors, you might choose door handles for their security features and ease of use.

Coordinating Finishes and Materials

If you choose to combine door knobs and handles, make sure the materials and finishes complement each other. This creates a cohesive look and prevents the different styles from clashing. To maintain a consistent theme throughout your home, you may combine brass door knobs with brass door handles.

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Can door handles and door knobs be used interchangeably on exterior doors, or are there specific considerations?

Door handles and door knobs can be used interchangeably on exterior doors, but consider security and accessibility. While knobs can provide a more classic look, handles often allow easier access and can include advanced locking mechanisms.

How do door handles and door knobs differ in terms of maintenance and cleaning?

Due to their mechanical complexity and potential for loosening, door handles usually require more maintenance. However, their simpler form makes them easier to clean. Door knobs, being more robust, require less frequent maintenance but may have crevices that collect dirt.

Are there any specific safety considerations when choosing between door handles and door knobs for homes with young children or elderly individuals?

Door handles are often safer for households with elderly individuals or young children due to their easier operation. In an emergency, handles offer faster and simpler access, while door knobs may be difficult for some to turn.

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