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Article: 5 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home before Selling

5 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home before Selling

5 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home before Selling

Increasing your home’s value is so much more than merely improving its curb appeal. Once the potential buyers get past the fabulous exterior of the house, they need to be equally impressed by the interior before they can make an offer on your home that’s too good to refuse.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, here are a few tips that can help you.

De-Clutter Your Space

This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home. If your house is riddled with decoration pieces and personal items, it won’t let the potential buyer envision their life in your home.

If your home is too cluttered, try to turn it into a blank canvas for the buyers. Clear off bookshelves, kitchen counter, coffee tables, and get rid of worn-out furniture to help the buyers see the future they can have in this home.

Deep Clean Your Home

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but not everyone makes every nook and cranny of their home sparkle when they’re inviting potential buyers.

A squeaky clean house is the number one game-changer for most potential buyers, especially those that are house hunting for the first time and are sceptical about most things.

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Real estate agents unanimously agree that upgrading your home’s lighting will reveal your house’s best features and assets.

If you have the budget for it, you can install new light fixtures to brighten up the space and make it appear bigger. You should also opt for cooler bulbs to give your space a modern look that can resonate with most buyers.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nobody likes walking into a house with paint chipping off the walls and looking flaky. Cracks in the paint can put off a potential buyer and actually invites them to look more closely at other imperfections of the house.

A fresh coat of paint makes a home feel new. A good tip is to have two-tone paint where the walls are a shade darker than the ceiling for a luxurious look.

Switch Out Your Kitchen Instead Of Redoing the Kitchen

If your kitchen looks dated and the appliances are worn out, you may think that redoing the whole space is a good idea. While that may be true, not everyone has the budget to do that. So instead of clearing out the entire space and starting from scratch, transform whatever you have to make it appear brand new.

You can start with the kitchen cabinets and paint them over to give them a revived and new look. You can also reface your cupboard and drawers instead of replacing them by simply polishing the surface and adding new cabinet handles and kitchen drawer handles.

kitchen cabinets looking new

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