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Article: All You Need to Know About Drawer Runners!

All You Need to Know About Drawer Runners!

If you are looking to buy high-quality drawer runners for your house or any other place, then it is essential that you get a better knowledge of them.

We have assembled some of the key points related to three different types of drawer runners. It is important that you learn about them well enough in order to buy the right one for a particular purpose.

  1. Bottom Fix Drawer Runners

Bottom fix drawer runners are generally found in the living room and bedroom furniture, they are lightweight economy drawer runners offered in lengths from 250mm to 600mm.

Key Points:

  1. 80% expansion – that is, around four-fifths of the length of the drawer is uncovered when completely opened.
  2. The drawer can be lifted and easily removed when the runners are broadened or extended.
  3. The maximum weight of the drawer, including contents, can be 25 KG (kilograms).
  4. Drawer runner fits the bottom, or you can say the underside of the drawer.
  5. It comes with a number of fixing positions to adjust them with the drawers.
  6. Side sanction is usually from 12.5mm to 12.8mm.
  7. Delicate/self-shutting gadgets are accessible to fit related to this style of drawer runner.
  8. They are readily available in many different colours. Although, white is considered as the standard colour for the Bottom Fix Drawer Runners.

If you are planning to get the Bottom Fix Drawer Runners, then it is essential to remember all the key points while making a purchase.

  1. Metal Sided Drawer Box

The metal-sided drawer box style of the drawer is customarily found in the kitchen. It generally has 2 metal sides. Most frequently, it is assembled by utilising a melamine chipboard base and back. The drawer front would be similar or match according to the cupboard doors.

Key Points:

  1. Just like the bottom drawer runners, an 80% extension of the drawer can be done with this drawer runner.
  2. Also, just like the Bottom Drawer runners, the drawer can be easily lifted and evacuated when extended.
  3. It can also hold the drawer’s weight (including the content inside it) up to 25 KG (kilograms).
  4. Side heights that available for this drawer runners are approximately 85mm, 117mm, and 149mm.
  5. The metal-sided drawer box also comes with the number of fixing positions to properly adjust the drawers.
  6. Side sanction is generally from 12.5mm to 12.8mm.
  7. Delicate/self-shutting gadgets are accessible to fit related to this style of drawer runner.
  8. Similar to the Bottom Drawer Runners, the Metal Sided Drawer Box is also available in various other colours. And white is still the standard colour for this type of drawer runners.
  9. The most unique feature about the Metal Sided Drawer Box is that it gets fixed by wood screws.

These key points will surely assist you while making a purchase for the Metal Sided Drawer Box to fix it in your house.

  1. Ball Bearing Drawer Runners

Ball Bearing Drawer Runners are mostly utilised for office furniture items, shopfitting, or whatever other application that requires any of the key focuses referenced below.

Key Points:

  1. The Ball Bearing Drawer Runners allow 100% extension of the drawer, with the goal that you can get to the entire area inside your drawers.
  2. It also comes with the Trigger release, which means the drawer part can be released from the cabinet part by lifting the trigger. Further, this trigger additionally acts extremely handy when stop preventing the drawer from being totally pulled out accidentally.
  3. The cabinet part screw holes are situated on an adaptable fold of steel, which permits a bit more tolerance when fixing. The suggested gap between the drawer and cabinet side ought to be 12.5mm +0.5mm – 0.2mm.
  4. Weight loading for ball bearing slides can fluctuate. However, it has been generally observed, and it is usually allowed to stack up to 45 KG (Kilograms). This is totally dependent on a 450mm length slide, more substantial duty variants are also available.
  5. Both the drawer and cabinet parts have different fixing positions than one another.
  6. The activity of the drawer slide is usually silent, smooth and inflexible
  7. Ball Bearing Runners can come fully equipped with self-shutting and hosed shutting gadgets just as knives to be utilised related to metal furnishings.

It is imperative that you keep all the essential points related to the Ball Bearing Drawer Runners in your mind while purchasing them.

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