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Article: 14 Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Easily in 2020

14 Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Easily in 2020

 It is obviously an untrue story that a person would love to wear nice dresses but prefer to leave their dwelling to look like a mess. Obviously, if you prefer to look nice wearing beautiful clothes, it is more likely to keep your house decorated in a way that will look striking to every other eye. However, many people nowadays give renovation a second thought as it comes with a bundle of hefty expenses. So, instead of spending a bulk load of money on the renovation of the house, people prefer to leave it like that without looking for a suitable solution.

Now, fixing the entire house all at once might be a little too expensive. Especially in this era of extreme inflation. But, the best part of the year 2020 is that it comes with the handful of amazing ideas that can help you make your place astounding within a limited budget.

It would be best if you should start by refurbishing the heart of the entire place rather than going all at once and redecorate the entire house when you are carrying a limited budget. Indeed, the kitchen is the one place that should be revamped before all the areas of the house. If you make your kitchen look eye-catching, you are done remodelling almost half of your house.

How to Update Your Kitchen Without Spending Too Much Money on the Renovation?

For many people, even revamping the kitchen still seems such an expensive matter. Although, this thought can be altered as there are infinite ways you can remodel your kitchen the easiest ways without going completely bankrupt.

It is not mandatory that you go around, buy new appliances and furniture for your kitchen. People often think replacing their kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, kitchen door, and kitchen drawers are necessary to bring significant changes to the kitchen and make it look like a totally new place. Nonetheless, there are some other effective and inexpensive ways as well that will surely help you carry out dreams to bring it into reality without spending a lot of money.

We have gathered and assembled some of the most inexpensive ways that can surely assist you in getting astonishing ideas to fix up your kitchen in the cheapest way possible and make it look brand new.

  1. Paint Your Cabinets, Inside and Outside

If you think that replacing the kitchen cabinets is the only solution to give your kitchen a new look, then you cannot be more wrong about it. There is obviously a much better and inexpensive way to add some fun to your kitchen cabinets. Instead of getting your cabinets replaced, try painting them with different colours. You can also colour coordinate them or match them with the entire theme of your kitchen to make it look perfect.

Buying a couple of cans of paints is apparently cheaper than getting a whole new set of cabinets!

  1. Change the Hardware on the Kitchen Cabinets

Colouring the cabinets cannot be it. You add some other additional perks to make the cabinets and your kitchen look nicer. Replacing cabinets can be expensive, but replacing its hardware can be really cheap, and it will contribute a considerable amount of effort in making your kitchen looks great. You can get the new kitchen cupboard handles or cupboard knobs that will look classic and stylish for your kitchen. There are tons of finishes available for them as well. You can select the perfect finish for them according to the theme of your kitchen and help yourself get a refreshing look for your kitchen.

  1. Paint Your Kitchen Drawers

Where you decide to paint your cabinets, give a thought to painting your kitchen drawers as well. People often consider that replacing the drawers along with the cabinets can only be the solution to make the kitchen give a sparkling new look. However, giving your drawers a fresh new paint and mending it a little will also going to work just fine.

  1. Replace the Drawer Runners

If you think that your kitchen drawers need some serious mending to do, then check for the new drawer sets or replace the drawer runners to fix the problems. It might not give a renewed look to your kitchen, but it will surely help you sleep peacefully. Feeling the smoothness of the drawer opening and closing is indeed a very soothing thing that will lower your stress.

  1. Change the Hardware of the Kitchen Drawers

In order to add an extra perk to the kitchen, you can try replacing the drawer handles or kitchen drawer knobs as well. Along with the new paint, the new hardware on the kitchen drawers will be something that will certainly not be left unnoticed. You can select a perfect style, and finish of the drawer handles to go with the theme of the kitchen.

  1. Rehang the Cabinets Higher and Add Shelves Below Them

If you want to save an extra buck in your pocket, then you must put in some additional efforts that can be counted. Try waking up your craftsmanship skills and make some substantial adjustments in your kitchen.

As we had covered above that purchasing and adding new cabinets can be expensive; instead, you can take down the formerly installed cabinets and install a couple of racks on the wall. Once you are done, you can reinstall the same cabinets a little higher than its previous position. It is without a doubt one of the best ways to include some unique look to your kitchen.

  1. Try Painting Your Kitchen Walls Dark Neutral Colour

If you have the Oak Builder cupboards or cabinets in your kitchen, then it can be a challenging task to convince yourself or any other family member to get them painted into a different colour. Instead of making changes to the texture of your cabinets, you can try repainting your kitchen walls. Choose a dark and neutral colour like black, navy blue, or dark grey colour to give your kitchen a new look.

Note: You can replace the cupboard handles and get the new ones matching or in contrast with the colour of the walls that will suit best with your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Hang Some Artwork on the Walls

If you already do not have any painting or any other artwork hung on the wall, now is the perfect time to place some interesting artwork on the kitchen walls to give your place a different and lively look. Even though if you still have the paintings hung up on the kitchen walls, you can try repositioning them. Try a different pattern or spread them to different walls in order to give your kitchen a makeover.

  1. Paint the Kitchen Doors

Where you are applying the idea of painting kitchen furniture or walls, you can also give repainting the kitchen door a try. Along with replacing the door hardware (i.e. door knobs or door handles).

Note: Skip this idea if you have an open kitchen without any doors.

  1. Add Under-Cabinet Lights for a Fresh Look

As you are looking for the modernised solutions to revamp your kitchen in the year 2020, then you must try adding some contemporary and trendy features to your kitchen. Adding small LED lights under your cupboards will surely give your kitchen a very classy and stylish look. These lights are not much expensive and are easily available in the market. You might have to pay the electrician to get them installed in your kitchen, but if you are an expert yourself, it will save you an extra buck.

  1. Add Some Greenery to Your Space

Adding plants to your kitchen space is also a very innovative idea that can help you revamp the kitchen. If the sunlight reaches your kitchen area for a short time or does not reach at all, you can try placing some beautiful plants that do not always need sunlight and can be taken care of without or less photosynthesis. Placing some decoration/artificial plants can also light up the look of the kitchen.

  1. Get a New Faucet

Another noticeable change you can apply in your kitchen is to replace the old faucet with a new modern one. There are a number of stylish and handy faucets now available at the stores that can enhance the look of your kitchen.

  1. Add Pendant Lights for a Classic Look

If everything else goes under your budget, then in order to add some extra perks, you can place the pendant lights in the ceiling of the kitchen. They are extremely trendy these days, not so expensive and will assuredly increase the classic look of the entire place.

  1. Upgrade the Kitchen Countertops

An additional way to bring a fresh look to your kitchen, you can try replacing the countertops of the kitchen. You can get the new ones according to the new theme or the colour of the walls or cabinets that you preferred to change. Do remember, it is something extra that will only help you enhance the look of the kitchen. If you are already above your budget or meeting the borderline line of your financial plans, dropping this idea would not do any harm.

To Wrap It Up

It is the requirement of modern times that people should think and act smartly. Without thinking wittily, you might face severe problems when real problems knock on your door. It will indeed be a foolish thing to think of creating an entire palace with a few bucks in your pocket. So, instead of going on and creating the whole kingdom, it would be best if you focus on maintaining the place where you live and make that very place to look like a palace within a narrow budget.

You are not wrong when you think that revamping the whole kitchen will cost you a fortune. Yes, it is an expensive matter. But it does not mean that it cannot be done if you have a small amount of cash in your pocket to do it so. The ways that are mentioned above in this post are truly helpful and exceptionally cheap. You can follow at least half of them and can observe a significant change in your kitchen. Implementing all of them will definitely leave you a brand-new look for the kitchen. Similarly, you can consider decorating every other area of the house the same way in the minimum budget possible.

Stay connected with us to learn more about redecorating other areas of the house within a small budget!

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