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Article: Pull Door Handle Back-To-Back Fixing - Fitting Guide

Pull Door Handle Back-To-Back Fixing - Fitting Guide


Pull door handles 

Pull door handles are commonly used home improvement hardware that helps spread the weight across a larger area of the door. This makes it considerably easy and effortless to pull the door open, particularly the heavier ones.

However, the functional side is not the only reason why people shop for pull door handles. Based on the type of pull door handle used, it adds significant value to the look of the door and of the overall home. While they are commonly seen in commercial buildings and entrance doors, they can be used on absolutely any type of internal or external door.

To make sure that the same door handle is on each side of the door, many people prefer fitting the Eurospec Pull door handles as a back-to-back pair. If you’re looking forward to a similar installation, you will need a Euro spec back-to-back fixing kit. The correct installation for the handles involves an invisible and secure fixing, giving a professional finishing and look to the door.

How to Install a Door Handle as a Back-To-Back Pair?

Installing pull door handles should be an easy job if you follow these instructions:

  1. Take the short screws and fasten them securely onto the two ends of the fixing points of the Tubular handle.
  2. Next, identify the bolts and slide the solid bushes inside them. Bushes shouldn’t be shorter or longer than the precise diameter of the tubular legs of the T pull door handle or the tubular handle.
  3. While it is optional in the case of timber doors, it becomes essential to slide a plastic washer onto each fixing bolt when fixing to glass doors.
  4. Again, what’s mandatory for glass doors but not in the case of timber doors is to slide the plastic sleeve over each fixing bolt.
  5. You must be able to see the holes prepared in the doors. Insert assemblies through the holes. Fit it to the external side of the door as fitting on the other side cannot be removed.
  6. You may be required to shorten the bolts if the bolt projection from the door’s face is more than 30mm.
  7. Slide over the plastic washer. Again, this is essential for glass doors but for timber doors, it is optional.
  8. The projecting screw should then be inserted into the tubular handle and into the hole in the bush. Keep turning the screw until the bolt is fully attached to the pull door handle.
  9. Tighten the bush progressively top and bottom so that the pull door handles are tightly fastened onto the door face.

Best Materials For Door Handles

While numerous different materials are used to make pull door handles, the following is the list of the best materials you should be considering:

  • Solid Timber

Over the years, solid timber has been used as the primary construction material. They have considerably improved the durability of door handles. On top of that, it manages to maintain neutral aesthetics for the doors. Seamlessness and durability can be improved with the application of certain coat finishes. Plus, you can carve the material to achieve your desired size and shape and apply any colour coat.

However, the structural integrity of solid timber remains susceptible to water and humidity, making them unfit for outdoor use. Hence, they perform best when used in bedrooms, living rooms or kitchen doors.

  • Stainless Steel

Made from carbon, iron and other sturdy material, stainless steel door handles are incredibly long-lasting and durable. The sturdiness of the material ensures tremendous security, making it harder to break. Various types of steel doors are available out there, including some cost-effective options.

However, when shopping for steel door handles, make sure you select the stainless option. Non-stainless door handles vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. Choosing door handles made of stainless steel not only allows you to improve its longevity but also avoid incidents.

  • Glass

To give your home a sophisticated and elegant feel, you may choose to install glass door handles to internal or external doors. Many homeowners also use glass door handles because of their uniqueness. Not many households make use of them. Yet, we all know how fragile glass items are. Since they’re prone to shattering and chips, they’re mostly preferred by cautious homeowners who don’t usually have children or pets at home.

  • Aluminum

Presenting a silvery-white finish, aluminum door handles are an excellent choice for homes. If you’re considering designed door handles, aluminum ones are ideal for you. The reason why it is popular for outdoor use is that door handles completely made of aluminum don’t form rust. The strong material can withstand extreme weather conditions. The only drawback of aluminium door handles is that they’re pretty expensive.

  • Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) Handles

These are highly durable and cost-effective materials that are proving more popular than plywood for use in pull door handles. It is produced by compacting and shaping sand dust into a board, which is then processed further to strengthen it. To make it economical and seamless, the MDF door handles are mostly designed with a notched.

However, the fact that it’s made from wood means that it remains prone to issues affecting wood door handles. Hence, MDF door handles aren’t recommended for outdoor use.

Closing Thoughts

Door handles are among the most widely used door hardware in homes that are not only installed for their functional value but also for the excellent aesthetics it gives to your internal or external doors. Different variants are available depending on what material they are made of such as stainless steel, glass, aluminium, solid timber, and MDF.

Regardless of what type of door handle you choose, it must be securely and appropriately installed to the door face to allow for effortless door pulling. Whether you need to fit a door handle on an internal or external door, installing pull door handle isn’t very complicated. Following the instructions given in this article should make the fitting 



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