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Article: Safety Measures to Secure Your Sliding Doors

Safety Measures to Secure Your Sliding Doors

The rate of property crimes has significantly reduced over the years. According to the Independent UK, improved home security systems and safety-conscious homeowners are worthy of all the credit. You could also take your home security up a notch by burglar-roofing the windows and sliding doors. 

However, burglaries aren’t the only concern for sliding doors. When we say secure sliding doors, we’re referring to the ones that are less susceptible to causing injuries to homeowners and last longer. 

Add Window Film

Sliding doors are easily smashable. Thieves and burglars are always quick to enter your home in an obtrusive way. This makes them an easy target for unwarranted entry. To keep the intruders at bay, apply a window film or polyethylene coating. Not only will it make it hard to break into, but it will also prevent the shattered door from entirely falling apart—helping you lower your replacement costs.

When one-way films are applied to the sliding doors, you get a mirrored finish. This means that you can see through the doors, but the outsiders can’t peek in. This way, you don’t need to draw the blinds or curtains during daylight hours.


A high-end, elegant sliding door in London


Maintain the Tracks

Your door will not slide fluidly if the tracks become broken or jammed. In either case, the door opens and closes in a stop-and-go motion or eventually falls off the track. If the tracks are worn out, it becomes a lot easier for the burglar to get the door off its tracks. To prevent this from happening, the best you can do is frequently clean and lubricate the tracks, so they don’t gum up. You can also spray the track with a vinegar solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe the area clean after you’re done. We recommend lubricating the tracks every two months to keep it running fluidly.

Invest In High-End Sliding Door Kits

If you choose your sliding doors service correctly in the first place, you don’t need to worry about compromised security at all.

Décor and Décor not only lets you customize your sliding door gears and rail sets but also offers tailor-made sliding door kits that meet your functionality needs. The company collaborates with top-notch suppliers in London to give you several options to choose from.

The kits include high-security track systems, soft-close systems, and top-hung sliding. Other than that, we also offer premium-quality kitchen door hinges, door handles, and cabinet handles.

You can browse through the collection here. 

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