120KG Per Door Capacity Top Hung Symmetric Synchro Sliding Door

SKU: 753569513282



 High Quality Top Hung 120kg Per Door Capacity Symmetrically Synchro Sliding Door Track Gear System Kit Set 


  • To understand, how long track do you need; please measure your door width (W) and calculate as 4 x W + 160mm

  • System is working silent and made to last because of high quality ball bearings.

  • Maximum carrying capacity is 120 kg per door.

  • Designed to use for double, opposite opening/closing doors, Door thickness should be between 20mm - 60mm.

  • Aluminium rails can be cut to size easily.

  • Roller will give you chance to adjustment of height of door.

***Please note that Video Instruction is for reference.
***Please note that bottom rail which goes under door on video is for reference plastic guide without ball bearing is included the actual gear pack.

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