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Article: 3 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Winter Wonderland

3 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Winter Wonderland

3 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Winter Wonderland

Christmas is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited! And while things are probably going to be a bit different this time around, 2020 has given us more reason to celebrate and keep traditions close.

A lot of our time during the holiday season is spent in the kitchen—prepping food, sharing recipes and just having a laugh with the people we love. Since going out for Christmas might be a problem this year, why not bring Christmas indoors? Here are some fun ways for you to turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland!

Hang Mini Wreaths

There's nothing quite as festive as a winter-themed wreath. Decorate it with fake snow, ornaments or just a big red bow, and you’re good to go!

Bokeh with fairy lights in the background

It’s a beautiful reminder of the festive season and brings a touch of greenery to your home in the cold winter months. You can use coat hooks for this; hang them and it could be a great conversation starter when someone walks into your kitchen space!

Add Fairy Lights

What’s the holiday season without fairy lights? Sure, you have the outside of your house decorated, but we think it’s so much more fun to bring the lights inside too!

Adding fairy lights above your cabinets or alongside your kitchen appliances is a really cute touch. Not only is it very on-trend for the season, but it also adds a touch more brightness to your kitchen space. You could prop your favourite Christmas cookies next to the lights and snap some aesthetic pictures for the ‘gram!

Change Up Your Kitchen Hardware

You know what screams Christmas? Greens, reds, and brass tones! There’s something about seeing these colours together that puts you in the mood for the festive season.

While painting your kitchen or changing out the cabinets and countertops might be a bit too drastic, you can always add new elements by changing the hardware. Pick new colours and designs to give your kitchen the pop of colour it needs, and you can always change it out after the season’s over if you like.

At Décor & Décor, we provide our clients with all the durable hardware they need to make their kitchen space visions come true! Buy cupboard handles and cabinet knobs online from our wide selection and change up your kitchen’s décor for an affordable price!

Contact us today for information on our products.

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