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Article: 4 Friendly Tips to Help You Choose the Right Size for Your Cabinet Pulls

4 Friendly Tips to Help You Choose the Right Size for Your Cabinet Pulls

4 Friendly Tips to Help You Choose the Right Size for Your Cabinet Pulls


While selecting the kitchen cabinet hardware, people often do not realise that the size of the hardware matters a lot. It is also one of the major aspects that is needed to be kept in mind while making a purchase.

There are certainly so many things that can become bigger distress if not kept into consideration at the time. Deliberated below are some of the main demeanours you should put in your contemplation while buying the best cabinet handles and also to select the right size to avoid any trouble.

  1. Select Among the Types of Hardware (Knobs, Pulls or Both)

Selecting the right hardware type for the cabinets can be really tricky. However, both choices have some remarkable benefits of its own that will help you get a unique look for your kitchen or another design space.

Only Knobs

The advantage of cabinet handles is that they are usually more affordable than bar and T-pulls, and they just require one hole to be penetrated into your cabinetry. A solitary cabinet handle can be installed on cabinet doors, yet you might need to consider setting two handles on bigger drawers. Cabinet drawers are heavier than doors. You might require an additional handles drawer for usability. The moderate style of utilising drawer handles just for your cabinetry can give an extremely engaging look to your new kitchen.

Only Pulls

Cabinets that only have pulls will, in general, present an incredibly modern look. Hardened or stainless-steel bar pulls will, in general, be much more practical on heavy drawers and are perfect for ageing hands that have constrained adaptability and strength.

Both Pulls and Knob

It is totally normal to have both pulls and handles included in the kitchen drawer and cupboard door handles.

Knobs are most regularly put on doors, and pulls are usually put on drawers. Every kitchen is one of a kind to the proprietor, and you should blend and match to best meet your own style.

  1. Choose the Hardware Finish That Will Look Best According to Your Cabinetry

For white or light coloured and textured cabinets, it will be more suitable to utilise a darker hardware finish with less radiance or lustre, like brushed stainless steel. For the cabinets with darker colours, it will be more suitable to consider a lighter hardware finish, for example, mirrored stainless steel. Remember it is normal for cabinet hardware to match or supplement hinges and as well as faucets or different appliances in the structure space.

  1. Make Sure to Choose the Perfect Hardware Size for Your Cabinets

Cabinet equipment sizes can fluctuate contingent upon your very own plan inclinations, yet you will need to pick a size that is both trendy and useful. Bar pull sizes are commonly determined by the "centre-to-centre" estimation (the distance between the two screw gaps or holes).

In the event that you have pre-penetrated cabinetry, you'll have to purchase equipment that fits the current centre-to-centre estimation. Else, you are left to your own gadgets in picking the size of your cabinet equipment. Here are a couple of accustomed rules to follow,

  • For oversized cabinetry (dimensions of 36″ or bigger) for example, drawers for built-in machines you might need to consider longer length pulls (6", 8", 10" or 12" centre-to-centre) or larger than average knobs (diameter of 1-1/2" or bigger).


  • For standard size cabinetry (measurements of 12″ – 36″) the most well-known pull sizes are 3", 4", 96mm, and 128mm centre-to-centre (starting with one screw gap then onto the next). Standard knob sizes are 1/4″ or 1 3/8″.


  • For small and specialised cabinetry (narrow drawers or measurements under 12″) like implicit spice stands, utilise smaller knobs under 1″ in breadth or T-pulls as opposed to bar pulls.
  1. Go as Per Your Budget Plan.

One of the most indispensable parts is to be more cautious about the budget that you have planned. More often, people get carried away with the choices that they fail to keep track of the prices. It is imperative that you should purchase the number of cabinet hardware according to your need and the ones that fall unpretentiously in your budget.

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