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Article: 9 Different Cabinet Handle Colours and Finishes to Choose in 2020

9 Different Cabinet Handle Colours and Finishes to Choose in 2020

Everybody wishes to have a home that is fully decorated with the things that are in perfect rhythm and are complementing each other. People often ignore the fact that even the smallest art of the house can play a significant part in grooming the house. If you are selecting the windows, then it is also essential to pay attention to what type of glasses you are picking for them.

Many times people select ornaments for their home that might look good to the human eye but do not go well with the interior of the house.

Just like any other part of the dwelling, doors and their handles also plays a vital role in augmenting the look of the place. People assume that they only have to select the right doors to install in the house, but choosing the right cabinet handle and their perfect colour and finishes also have a substantial need. It helps to make the entire door look stunning; thus, the whole place will start to sparkle.

Cabinet Handle Colours and Finishes You May Choose

As this is the year 2020, and your house needs a new and refreshing look. While you are planning to redecorate your home, you also need to put some thought in changing or replacing your door handles.

In old times, there were only a few varieties of the cabinet handle colours and finishes, so people were only left with limited choices. But ow that the technology has been so advanced and everything else has reached a higher level, there are so many choices for people to select the perfect drawer handle colours and finishes.

Some of these colours and finishes are also discussed below for your assistance.

  1. Polished Chrome handles

Polished Chrome is also known as Bright Chrome, that has found the inspiration in the Art Deco Movement. It has also gained popularity by the jazzy style of the peak 20s. It prevents the handles from getting scratches, fading out or even deteriorates.

  1. Brushed Chrome / Satin Nickel handles

Satin Nickel or Brushed Chrome gain its popularity in between the Victorian and Mid-Century modern design movements. It is more often bold, geometric shapes and patterns. They are usually found in solid colours and are edgy, eccentric furniture.

  1. Black handles

Black handles are more popular and fashionable in the modern time. It took the style cues from Bauhaus homes, fashioned iron fences and as well as fixtures made by blacksmiths in the Colonial Era.

  1. Gunmetal / Polished Nickel Black handles

Polished Nickel or Gunmetal finishes were inspired by the eternal intricacy of the Victorian Era. It is made out of solid Nickel. The colour and appearance of this finish can be changed with only a simple change in lightening.

  1. Rose handles

Rose cupboard handles is a simple door handles that is supposed to be ideal for a modern home. It is available in satin, polished, or even duo stainless steel.

  1. Gold handles

Gold handles are still in fashion if you want an exceptional look for your doors. They are in trend from the old times yet always make its way smoothly to modern times.

  1. Antique Brass handles

The Antique Brass finishes have the resemblance of the natural brass look and are surely Victorian. It gives the hint of the Colonial Era style.

  1. Antique Copper handles

Since copper work perfectly on both modern and traditional homes, the trend is still very much popular.

  1. Antique Silver handles

Silver handles give the place a very unique yet stylish look that is the best and most suitable look if you have light-toned or white doors.

To Wrap It Up

When a person is given with so many options to select from, they often get confused and many times it has been noticed that they usually end up picking up the wrong option. Selecting the right hardware for the cabinet's might seem like a very easy thing to do, and you might be thinking that it will take a very little time to purchase the cupboard handles. However, the reality is a bit different.

Whatsoever, no matter how challenging the colour and finish picking task is, the entire process has its own charm, and you will definitely enjoy this time. Although, make sure to go through with the details properly and select the ones that match best with the interior of your house to make the entire look reflect the beauty of the place.

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