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Article: Cupboard Door Handles and How to Fix a Loose Screw on Them

Cupboard Door Handles and How to Fix a Loose Screw on Them

If you want your kitchen to give a striking impression, then you must assure that the accessories you use in your kitchen space must be eye-catching. One of the most essential parts is the handles that are attached to the cabinets or cupboards of the kitchen. It is vital that you must have the knowledge of different types of handles so that you can have your kitchen gives the trendiest look.

Moreover, it is also crucial to learn how to fix handles on the cabinets as soon as any of the screws gets loose.

Different Types of Cabinet or Cupboard Door Handles

Some of the most familiar types of kitchen cabinet handles are discussed below.

  1. Pull-Out Handles

Pull out handles are the most common type of cabinet handles used all over the world. They are beautiful and classy to look. They are easy to use and fit. They come in many forms like some are broad, some are sleek, and some are plain or decorative.

  1. Classic Knobs

Knobs are smaller and do not take much place in the cabinet. Classic knobs mostly go in Vintage style kitchens as it gives a kind of antique look to the kitchen. They are easy to fit as they need just a single small hole, but this is also counted as its con if the screw gets loose.

  1. Traditional Stainless-Steel Handles

These handles go way back and are the classics. They are easy to maintain; they are water-resistant and reasonable at a price. They are not as fancy or decorative as the others, but they can work for a very long time.

  1. Stylish or Customised Handles

Customised handles are basically made for kitchens that are themed. If you want everything to be perfect and matching, get your handles customised. They look beautiful and totally goes with your kitchen theme.

How to Fix a Loose Screw on the Cabinet or Cupboard Door Handle?

Getting the information about the cabinet or cupboard handles is indeed not enough. It is also imperative that you learn how to fix the loose screw on the handles. Clearly, it is not a wise option to call for a locksmith every time you have a loose screw on the door, or just throw it away instantly as soon as a screw gets loose.

The most ideal thing to do would be to learn the three friendly ways mentioned below to tighten up or fix the handles of the cabinet or cupboard doors.

  1. Tighten the Internal Screws on the Loose Handle

In order to fix the screws of loose cabinet handles, you have to put your efforts at evacuating your loose handle from the cabinet door that it is presently on. In any case, before you start to do this activity, you should set aside the effort to sufficiently figure out which sort of handle you have set up on your cabinets or cupboards.

You can simply study the types of handles that are discussed above and further learn how to easily fix the screws that have loosened.

  1. Tighten the Setscrew of the Loose Handle

The set screw is utilised to associate the cupboard door handles to its connecting shaft. It just influences uncovered mounting screw door handles. On the off chance that you turn your cupboard handle and it doesn't move the latch, it is regularly a sign that the reason for your loose door handle chrome is a set screw that is not appropriately set up.

In order to resolve this issue, you basically need to attempt to locate the set screw. Some door handles have the set screw on their inside, which makes them simple to discover. In any case, for other people, you may need to unscrew the exposed screws to get access to the set screw.

  1. Try Repairing or Replacing any Damaged Parts

It has been noticed that in some cases, the issues with your loose handle could stretch out past some lost or wobbly screws. When any such problem occurs, it is typically the situation that some significant segments inside the lock are either damaged or merely worn out.

These issues could originate from a wrecked shaft or a door handle trim that is rusted or held up by trash and soil. The scope of issues that could leave you with a loose handle must be evaluated after you dismantle your door handle to check the degree of the problem.

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