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Article: What Is A Lever On A Rose Door Handle?

What Is A Lever On A Rose Door Handle?

 If you’re planning to renovate your home or premises, you might be wondering which door handle should be the perfect fit. Or perhaps your old, worn-out door handles need to be replaced with the new ones. When it comes to choosing a door handle, making a decision can be difficult. That’s because buyers are often overwhelmed by the different types of door handles available on the market.

One aesthetically pleasing door handle is popularly known as a lever on a rose door handle. This is the type in which the lever is attached to a circular plate, which is regarded as the “rose.”

In contrast with the mortice doorknobs and the backplate door handles, the lever on a rose door handle offers several benefits. To make for a modern design style, the door handle offers a completely flush finish, hiding the handle fittings and screws behind the rose cover. It gives a much cleaner look by concealing the fixing and other screws.

Besides, you can use the door handle on any internal door in your home. All you need to do is consider the requirements of your room and combine the door handle with a combination of locks, thumb-turns, and latches accordingly.

More About the Lever on a Rose Door Handle

You might be interested in knowing that if you use only a latch, a lever on a rose door handle can be fitted alone. If you wish to install a lever on a rose door handle with a lock and a latch, keep in mind that you will need an escutcheon (keyhole cover) or turn and release. When you purchase a lever on a rose door handle, it should come with installation instructions, a spindle, and screws. A variety of styles and finishes are available for the lever on a rose door handle, including nickel, chrome, brass, and gunmetal.

Measured in terms of the rose length, diameter, and projection, the lever on a rose door handle also comes in a variety of sizes. Commonly available sizes include 50mm, 60mm, and 65mm of rose diameters.

Different Applications of a Lever on a Rose Door Handle

As mentioned earlier, a lever on a rose door handle can be used on any of the interior doors inside your home, but the combination of thumb-turns and locks can vary for different applications. When installing the door handle to the bathroom door, it must be used with a combination of a bathroom thumb-turn and a bathroom door lock.

Use the handle with an escutcheon and a mortice sash lock to secure the door. If however, you don’t need a lock on the bathroom door or you use the door handle on a non-bathroom internal door for which no secure lock is required, simply use a tabular latch with the door handle.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lever on a Rose Door Handle

Depending on the application and whether you plan to install a lock/latch too, various aspects need to be considered when buying a lever on a rose door handle:

Center Measurements

You must take into account the center measurements when buying a lever on a rose door handle, particularly if you plan to fit the new handle with one or more locks. In most cases, the internal doors connecting rooms in your home comprise of 57mm of lock centers. This measurement represents the distance between the keyhole center point and the spindle of the door handle.

Rose Diameter

This measurement is the most primary consideration when purchasing a lever on a rose door handle. Before setting your hands on any option, do check old/existing holes on the door. The door handle you select should sufficiently cover all the marks or holes resulting from previous handles. Therefore, figure out the minimum diameter of the rose you need and match it with that of the available door handles.

Spindle Size

When installing a new lever on a rose door handle with the same-sized locks or latches, consider the thickness of the spindle hole or spindles. Yet, you need not worry about this measurement as they normally come in the standard UK size of 8mm2 that allows the handle to fit perfectly.

Lock and/or Latch Size

If you plan to replace your old door locks/latches along with the door handle, you will have to pay attention to other things as well. You will need to assess the strike plate, which is present on the door frame, as well as the faceplate, which is found inside of the door. Since your door will have been morticed for the former locks or latches, it will consist of cut-outs. The new latch or lock should be larger than the previous one to be able to hide these cut-outs easily.

Closing Thoughts

Homeowners often underestimate the impact of fixtures on the aesthetics, feel, and overall décor of their homes, especially when it comes to door handles. After all, it’s just a lever to open/shut the door. That’s not true. It’s these subtle details that add up to give your home a boost in value by affecting its looks.

You need to select the right combination of complementary items, including the lock and the thumb-turns depending on the door application. Moreover, several aspects need to be taken into account when looking to buy a lever on a rose door handle. These considerations include rose size, center measurements, spindle size, and lock/latch size.

Plus, if you replace the handles without proper skill and care, you could rather end up distorting the look of your door. To ensure that the lever on a rose door handle gives an elegant update to your home, they should be precisely fitted to cover all the screw holes. We truly hope that you end up making the right decision to upgrade your home décor.



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