Door Handle FAQs: What's a Deal Breaker When Designing Interiors for Minimalist Homes

Has the KonMari method inspired you to de-clutter your home and redesign your house's entire interior to complement your minimalistic lifestyle?

Minimalistic interiors feature well-lit rooms, simpler details, and allow for your house to look more spacious. When it comes to designing your home according to the principles of minimalism, we suggest that you opt for monochromatic looks that feature austerity and simplicity.

If you're planning to change your home's interior, it’s best to begin with the most basic and functional component of your house; your door handles.

This blog answers all the FAQs you may have in mind related to door handle designs for a minimalist home. 


Can the Same Door Handles be used all Over the House?

Yes, door handles with the same design can be used all over the house. However, the door handles for your bathroom and kitchen will need to be of a different finish. Since bathroom and kitchen door handles are touched with wet hands, they’re at risk of developing rust over time. 

What’s the best finish for kitchen and bathroom door handles?

Opting for brass, polished chrome, stainless steel, or even satin nickel finish can prolong the life of your door handle. Buy kitchen door handles made from copper alloys that have anti-bacterial properties.

Stainless steel is suitable for door handles as its carrion resistant and durable 

How long will the finish on my door handle last?

It depends on how often you touch and use your door handles and how often you clean them. Using door handles with wet hands can shorten their lifespan and can promote corrosion. 

Moreover, door handles shouldn't be cleaned with wet clothes or even with chemical cleaners. Instead, a plain dry cloth can be used to clean door handles and does its job just as well.

What’s the best material for a door handle in a minimalist home?

When choosing a material for door handles, three qualities should be kept in mind. The right material should be robust, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is an ideal material for door handles as it contains all these qualities. Moreover, aluminium can be used, as well.

Other materials commonly used for indoor handles are bronze and brass that offer a gold-like finish to door handles and are ideal for bathroom and kitchen doors as they contain anti-microbial properties. 

a simple door handle ideal for minimalist home

What door handle styles are suitable for a minimalist home?

Contemporary designs that feature symmetry and clean looks are ideal for a minimalist home. Cylindrical or straight designs that are free from intricate details make for an ergonomic option.

You can buy door handles made of different materials, featuring both traditional and minimalist designs at our Décor and Décor door handle collection. We provide a collection that’s made from good quality material and features sleek and simple looking door handles that will up your minimalist game.