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Article: Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Tips

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Tips

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Tips

Kitchen cabinets set the tone for your kitchen area, and if you have an open floor plan, they impact the overall design of your home.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, revamping your cabinets can make a world of a difference! Adding a layer of wood veneer or laminate over existing cabinet surfaces can make for an instant new outward appearance.

Bold colours, open shelving, beautiful kitchen handles, cabinet pulls, and new kitchen hardware can all create an exciting look and increase the value of your home.

If you feel inspired about upgrading your cabinetry, here are some ways you can add style and functionality to your kitchen:

1. Invest In Gorgeous Hardware

Buying kitchen handles, knobs, door stops, and other contemporary hardware is a great way of upgrading your kitchen cabinets without having to break the bank.

The shape, colour, and finish of your pulls also make a huge difference. Here are some cabinet hardware styles that you can incorporate:


Go for bronze pulls and kitchen knobs with exposed screws to give your cabinet doors a traditional raised-panel look. The bronze finish with the glazed cabinet wood underneath adds warmth and texture to your space.


Add tubular drawers with handles finished in brushed nickel to complement the blonde-wood look of a contemporary kitchen.

Lightweight, sleek, and horizontal in design, these cabinet pulls are ideal for custom wood countertops.

2. Paint Your Cabinets For A New Look

Do your dark kitchen cabinets suck all the light out of the room? It’s time to give your kitchen a bright makeover with a fresh coat of paint!

You can either choose to complement your dark wood floor with chic, all-white kitchen cabinets or you can go for a bold, unexpected colour in a smooth finish to change up the look entirely. Colourful design palettes are actually trending this year!

Painting your cabinets will take your space from dreary to sunny and make a statement without overwhelming the space. Pair your new kitchen area with stainless steel hardware and new appliances for a modern look.

    kitchen cabinets and countertop

      3. Add Task Lighting

      Shed light on kitchen tasks by installing under-cabinet LED light fixtures. These can brighten up the entire space while adding a touch of class. We recommend adding dimmable task lights that you can dial down for an evening mood setting.

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