Trend Inspiration: Internal Door Styles In 2020

The perfect internal door for your home should be able to play its part in controlling unnecessary noise and offering the required privacy. It should also be fully functional and blend in well with the home design. Your visitors literally walk through the door, making it the first thing that they notice. Make sure you choose a door that creates a lasting first impression and offers a strikingly prominent visual appeal.

Here are a few trends worth checking out:

Fire doors

It's common for anyone to assume that fire doors only exist to save your life in the events of a fire breakout. This isn't entirely true. While fire doors can withstand fires and a considerable amount of heat by expanding after reaching a specific temperature, they don't compromise on aesthetics and style. When chosen strategically, a fire door strikes the right balance between visual appeal and functionality.

Just like standard doors, fire doors also offer room for customization. Besides choosing between multiple wind-load ratings, finishes, motor operations, and resistance times, you can match the door with the door hinges of your choice too!

French doors

French doors refer to a pair of identical doors that go side by side but open outwards. These doors are mostly installed towards the back of the house to open up a spacious route into the outdoor garden or yard. But French doors aren't the same as patio doors because unlike patio doors, French doors don't slide.

French doors are an ideal door option for your living space, especially if you want to let more sunlight in. They offer a generous opening for the wind to pass through. You can use them to create a separation between two rooms, especially between the kitchen and dining room, without overspending. They also offer a timeless architectural appeal like no other and give your house a sense of spaciousness.


A beautiful sliding door in London


Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are also known as folding doors and sliding doors. Although you usually see bi-fold doors outside patios, they can be used for both internal and outdoor purposes. You can install them inside the house to optimize confined living spaces. Additionally, installing them outside helps you bring the outdoor view inside. Bi-fold doors comprise a series of panels that fold up against the wall. Other than patios, sliding doors also work well for the pantries, closets, and behind curtains and draperies.

The best way to install a bi-fold or sliding door is to opt for a sliding door kit. It offers generous room for customization when it comes to both design and functionality, and makes the installation process more convenient.

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